Jonnie R. Williams Sr. Discusses The Potential Of Making Smokeless Tobacco Products Safer

Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

November 4, 2020

Smokeless Tobacco Products Are Still a Major Issue and Jonnie R. Williams Sr. is Here to Review the Possibility of Making These Products Safer

One of the most successful public health campaigns to take place in the United States involved people to put down cigarettes. Now, the rate of smoking in the United States has drastically changed over the last few decades. However, at the same time, smokeless tobacco products are still on the shelves. Jonnie R. Williams Sr. understands that an addiction to these products can be dangerous. Now, it is possible that they could be made safer thanks to new addiction treatment methods.

Jonnie R. Williams Sr.

Jonnie R. Williams Sr. Explores Some of the Issues Related to Smokeless Tobacco Product Addiction

Jonnie R. Williams Sr. wants everyone to understand some of the dangers that these products can cause. Yes, cigarettes could indeed lead to lung cancer, but smokeless tobacco products are dangerous as well. For example, Jonnie R. Williams Sr. believes that chewing tobacco can lead to oral health issues. This includes mouth cancer, tongue cancer, or even throat cancer. These products could also damage the teeth leading to yellow stains and other issues. People must identify and stamp out these habits as early as possible, as they could lead to addiction.

Jonnie R. Williams Sr. Discusses Some of the Traditional Addiction Treatment Methods

There are resources out there for people who are addicted to these products. For example, Jonnie R. Williams Sr. knows that many people rely on gum to help them overcome the nicotine present in smokeless tobacco products. Jonnie R. Williams Sr. understands that some people will turn to vaporizers instead; however, there are dangers associated with this habit. For these reasons, many people have been working hard to find new ways to help people who suffer from smokeless tobacco addiction. With the help of modern technology, there may be a new option.